Watch over your business — who else should do it?

Your “pass” to profitable gastronomy

In the past, when restaurants and taverns still were family businesses, a family member was placed at a “pass”, a narrow gap between kitchen and dining area, to control vouchers and goods. This job was the most important in the business as the last quality control was conducted there and the money was earned.

In an internet research, the original gastronomic term for “pass” was only found one time so you can guess that this method of control is not common anymore.

When the business is doing well, principals, employees and distributors are fine as well

It is necessary to lead a profitable gastronomy to control the flow of goods from purchase to sale. Only then, you can be sure that the whole proceeds entirely flow in the business and nowhere else. >> more

Dispensing control: How does it work?

Based on the equipment of the beverage lines with check valves and flow meters you have several possibilities to control your waiters: the balancing procedure, the pool-, credit, and debit procedure. >> more

Other brands work together with the TuxTAP system

Of course, you can connect the TuxTAP system with already existing devices (e.g. coffee machines). Here you can find further details about that. >> more

In gastronomy business, your staff manages your money and valuable goods until day end closing. Furthermore, this happens in stressful peak hours when even a professional does not know what to do first.

Watch over your business, do not deal negligent with your future and pension. From the very beginning you can avoid that your employees tap too much or give away beverages for free or other “venial” sins. This even costs you three times: first in the purchase, second in the proceeds and last but not least you have to pay taxes for it. A well-planned interaction between POS, kitchen and counter is your passport to a successful future Get professional help with an electronic dispensing system.

The TuxTAP® Integra is more than only a POS system

From autumn 2008, you can also use your TuxTAP Integra 150 as an electronic dispensing system. You do not need any complicated modifications in your business rooms — no new tapping heads or modifications on your counter. In addition electrically controlled check valves are incorporated into the beer lines and the tapped amount is recorded with a flow meter. You can attach as many peripherals to the Tux TAP Integra main unit as you wish. Thus, the electronic dispensing control becomes affordable even for small businesses. Middle and big businesses can overall modify and complete their dispensing systems easily and at any time, e.g. for automatic barrel switches and for the surveillance of the cooling room parameters.

Flexible expandability — typical for TuxTAP

The Tux TAP system proves again its great adaptability to the requirements of your business. Start with the Integra main unit and expand it with the dispensing function when you need it. Now or later. The licence for dispensing control is entered into the main unit and off you go! The peripheral modules can be connected via a 6 stranded bus cable without tangles and at the peripheral modules, sensors and actuators that you need for control and monitoring, are attached. Expand your gastronomic equipment whenever you want to monitor or switch further things. The configuration of these additional functions is conducted centrally via web browser. Thus, flexible expandability is united with comfortable adjustability.

And coffee?

Whoever has a good coffee machine, which produces aromatic coffee, would never give it away voluntarily. We came up with an idea in this respect too. There is the possibility of retrieving their sales data over a specific protocol but only in coffee machines with integrated dispensing control. These devices also perfectly fit in the TuxTAP system but unfortunately not seamlessly due to the product and information policy of the manufacturers. Of course, we want you to be satisfied with the interaction between your coffee machine and the TuxTAP system. That is the reason why we pay attention to the complete utilization of your functions when using the TuxTAP system and to the simple configurability of this tandem.

TuxTAP® is a registered trade mark of TuxTAP Ltd.