Other vendor's devices in the Tux TAP system — Welcome

First of all: In principal, it is possible to connect your already existing cash system or computerised dispensing system with Tux TAP via data protocol (mostly E-protocol). But it will never be possible to configure other vendor's POS or dispensing systems via integrated remote maintenance or to conduct an essential software update in other vendor's devices. The reason is that the equipment on the market do not allow this remote configuration at all or only over inherently defective Windows software. Often the unit has to be opened and a selector switch has to be tilted to conduct a configuration. In the meantime work is not possible. Under these circumstances, remote maintenance is not possible without difficulties, as it would be using Tux TAP exclusively.

Only integrate external devices if it is useful for the protection of your investment. From summer 2009 TuxTAP offers an universal interface module which possesses on the one hand an interface compatible with the external unit (“parallel”, E-protocol, CCI/CSI protocol etc.) On the other hand, it has an Ethernet and WLAN interface for the connection to the Tux TAP Integra main unit.

As the interface module always needs to have all information of the supported units, we sit down together with their manufacturers and together we work out their control. Thus, no makeshift solutions are produced where only the system positioner knows at the end how the equipment was attached and how exactly the Tux TAP system needs to be configured for it. Instead, we count on comprehensible instructions and diagrams and the necessary configuration is already deposited in your Tux TAP Integra. Thus, the installation and maintenance is child's play.

In the meantime, until summer 2009, we have implemented, as an interim solution, the cash register side of the E-protocol directly on the Integra main units, so that coffee makers and external dispensing systems can already be controlled with this interface.

Coffee machines

One of the most important sources of sales in gastronomy is certainly the coffee machine, especially since there is a high profit margin to gain. As the control of beer and non-alcoholic drinks is important as never before because the margins are relatively low, the coffee makers are even more important because they can make up for these deficits. But investing into control and a proper settlement system is only profitable if you own a good coffee maker and do not want to neglect its turnover. But in advance there are some things to consider so that you do not experience any nasty surprises when connecting the TuxTAP system. The following machine types are usual on the market:

Filter machine

These have been old-fashioned for years and can practically only be used for your breakfast coffee because they do not have accounting possibilities. As there are no portioning buttons it is impossible to record the size of the portion. There would have to be water valves and portioning buttons incorporated. To assign the tapped amount to a waiter, a waiter lock is required, too. In most cases, it is not worth to keep those machines.

Coffee machines with portioning buttons

These machines (also termed fully automatic unfortunately) with external mills can often be found in the Italian gastronomy. Mostly they incorporate portioning buttons with which the waiter can determine the quantity of hot water. Either the available portioning buttons can be retrieved or the quantity of hot water is measured. Of course, a waiter lock is also necessary to allocate the tapped amount to a waiter.

Coffee machines with internal accounting and coffee dispensers with coin slot

These true fully automatic coffee machines with integrated mills, frequently found in German gastronomy, often have an intern accounting function or the manufacturer can expand them with components. In this case, you can use the intern settlement and connect the coffee maker via a computer interface to the Tux TAP system. Therefore, our peripheral modules can be used. Before the TuxTAP System is connected, it needs to be controlled whether the machine uses a protocol supported by TuxTAP. Or you can proceed as with coffee machines with portioning buttons. This possibility is convenient if you want to use uniform waiter locks as coffee machine manufacturers have all their own lock system.

External computerised dispensing systems

We can already respond directly to units, which support the E-protocol. TuxTAP-Systems connected with KoPra (=Recon, Microcos, Pila, Brau-Union etc) dispensing system are already out in the field. From summer 2009, other dispensing system can be controlled over the interface module, which is available then. A simultaneous operation of the Tux TAP Integra dispensing module with an external dispensing system is also possible. But it is useful to compare the costs of an external link with the costs of a complete Tux TAP unit. Thereby you should not forget about the maintenance costs.

Cream machines, product closets, weighing closets, liquor dispenser, cigarette automats etc.

These devices can be controlled just like the coffee makers via our universal interface module.

External electronic POS systems

If you do not want to change your already existing POS system, the TuxTAP system takes the passive role of your dispensing system. The POS functions are switched off and the system communicates with your existent POS over the E-protocol that was initiated a few years ago by the firm WMF and which has spread relatively wide for the communication between POS and dispensing system despite their obvious inconsistency.

It is possible that your existent POS system uses this protocol. Then it can be controlled by the TuxTAP dispensing system.

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