When the business is doing well, principals, employees and distributors are fine as well

To manage a profitable gastronomy it is necessary to control the flow of goods from purchase to sale. Only then you can be sure that the proceeds entirely flow into the business. Nearly all of the staff consists of temporary or external employees nowadays and most managers exclusively rely on their settlement. However, on the cash system the waiters decide what and how much they enter in the computer. The exception are some bigger businesses that are supported by labour expensive inventory control systems, this may help them detecting losses but they do not achieve useful point of sale control.

Ways to dispensing control

In order to direct the proceeds for the sold goods into the POS automatic control on the neuralgic points is necessary namely counter and POS. To achieve this control some large-scale gastronomers in Germany acquire computerized dispensing system with cash bound.

The installation of a common computerized beverage dispensing system begins with a major modification in the restaurant and ends finally with a dependence on the distributor as the technology can only be maintained and cleaned by a trained firm. To receive a standardised settlement both external systems, POS and dispensing systems, have to be connected via a further external device, namely a serial protocol. This is expensive and inefficient as there is double data administration for the user and triple troubleshooting for the programmer. This design pays off for its distributor and service technicians in the first place.

It is understandable that the amount of people who buy the old-fashioned computerised dispensing systems is negligible and the majority sticks to their former systems. So far, it has only been different in the strongholds of gastronomy Austria and Switzerland. In these countries, the gastronomes have known for decades that control is necessary and independent of size and kind of the business these systems are used.

O.K., dispensing control is necessary. But why TuxTAP®?

TuxTAP Ltd. with its long gastronomy experience has dealt with the problem of gastronomic control and in a few years we developed a simple, modern and affordable solution. The main difference of the TuxTAP system to common dispensing systems is the consequent prevention of complicated modifications in your business as well as service-intensive “makeshift” solutions from a number of different POS systems and computerised dispensing devices.

It is our goal to enable TuxTAP customers to complete their POS and dispensing functions with minimal effort. Whenever this is considered appropriate. Furthermore, our equipment is designed for simple remote maintenance via internet. Unless something breaks down mechanically, the service technician appears exactly one time: to install the system. Further settings, diagnosis and assistance can be conducted remotely. We achieve this by integrating POS and dispensing equipment in one system and by the full control of our hardware and software.

Do not go astray. Go for the flexible TuxTAP® system.

TuxTAP® is a registered trade mark of TuxTAP Ltd.