Dispensing control according to your wishes

With your Tux TAP Integra, you have several possibilities to control the amount of served beverages. You only need to incorporate certain meters or valves into your beverage lines your counter remains unaffected. According to your requirements, you can upgrade the control procedure. Your integrated POS and dispensing system is acting accordingly to the workflow in your business.

Example: balancing method

Begin of shift with 32 litres beer and 19 litres lemonade

A waiter entered 2 pints of beer and 2 shandies (beer-lemonade mixture), the other 1 pint and 1 shandy and 1,3 litre beer. The quantity of components for the beverages is stored in the POS and it adds them automatically together. This makes 2,58l beer and 0,75l lemonade. There are 29,42l beer remaining in the barrel and 18,25l lemonade. The remaining quantity is displayed on the TuxTAP Integra, and they can be controlled when the barrels are exchanged, for example.

The balancing method

It is simple and ingenious because it gives the operator a reference of removed and entered goods and only a TuxTAP Integra and flow meters in the beverage lines are required.

Only one key press and the waiter's entries are displayed on the POS and additionally the quantity of issued beverages. This method is used for all open beverage lines and the mixtures are automatically assigned as well. Products in bottles are taken into consideration just as entire bottles and diverse goods that are stored in the stock rooms. The stock keeper differentiates between main and sub stock. There are no restrictions concerning the amount. This very simple process already permits the gapless control of the serving of drinks and does not interfere into the work routine of your business.

The balance method with dispensing block

Compared to the simple balance method, additional check valves are built into the beverage lines. The release of all valves is carried out when a waiter put a keys into the POS' lock. The tapped quantity is measured and assigned to the registered waiter in the balance method. Later you can compare the quantity with the quantity of goods that was entered in the POS by the waiter.

Example: pool method

Begin of shift with 3 litres beer and 1 litre lemonade basic amount in the pool.

The waitress enters 3 pints of beer and 2 shandies. The TuxTAP Integra increases the pool for beer by 2,5l and the pool for lemonade by 1l. ( Pool now: 5,5 l beer and 2 l lemonade ) Now she switches to the counter and releases the POS for the next colleagues. Guests order by acclamation another pint and one shandy. The waitress taps 4 pints and 3 shandies. The TuxTAP Integra decreases the pool for beer by 3,5l and the pool for lemonade by 1,5l ( pool now: 2 l beer and 0,5 l lemonade ). She delivers the beverages and enters the beverages into the POS afterwards.

The Tux TAP Integra controls after her shift if the pools reached their basic amount again.

Pool method (also called Spooler method)

In this method, check valves and flow meters are built into the lines too. Contrary to the balance methods, one or several waiter locks are placed close to the taps. Moreover, the beverage lines are not blocked and released as a block but separately. Thus, it is possible to tap and use the POS by several waiters at the same time. A certain basic amount per waiter and component can be determined in advance to enable the user-defined sequence: entry→tapping or tapping→entry (“excess tapping”). The entered order is fragmented into their components like in the balance method and is noted per waiter as an additionally released amount of components (“the pool”). When the released amount of components is exhausted, the according line is blocked and nothing comes out there anymore. The tapping of foam is surely possible without placing of credits in an adjustable framework.

Pool method with barman

If only one certain waiter is supposed to work on the taps, he gets the right to use the pools of the other waiters in his group, too. Then he can tap for the other waiters but has to pay attention that he has all orders for the desired beverages. The table number is already entered at the POS together with the articles and is printed together with the name of the waiter on the order coupon.

Credit method

This method, known from other computerised dispensing systems, is equal to the pool method at a preset basic amount of zero. Thus it can only be tapped what was entered at the POS before This method is preferred in businesses with a barman, as the barman cannot accidentally “overtap”. He does not have to look accurately after the order coupons anymore. Furthermore, the TuxTAP Integra differentiates between waiters who tap them and barmen, both can be granted a different basic amount.

Debit method

The debit method is also a term, which is known form other computerised dispensing systems. By the combined design of the TuxTAP POS and dispensing system, the debit method is fundamentally easy. Hereby a small panel is built on the counter besides the check valves and flow meters, this enables entries like on the POS! Afterwards the appropriate amount of beverages is released like a credit of the POS. Of course, portioning buttons can be attached, too. This operating mode is suitable for establishments where the waiters tap the beverages themselves. There is no crowd at the POS because the waiters can enter their orders on the counter too.

Under certain circumstances, it is possible with TuxTAP Integra to reach a settlement subdivided to portions without key press. Just ask us.

Alternatively: portioning valves

Portioning valves can also be applied in all of these methods instead of check valves and flow meters. The tapped amount is not measured but predetermined via a preset timer directly through the dispensing system. Thus, it is unnecessary to incorporate flow meters into the beverage lines. However, the old taps cannot remain in the system when portioning valves are incorporated. Particularly the tapping of beer becomes very unfamiliar. You have to decide for yourself what is more important to you. TuxTAP Integra may do both mixed.

No matter how you decide:

With your Tux TAP Integra, your possibilities are unlimited, you can carefully start and after years, you can build up an all-encompassing control system. One thing is for sure: You will not lose any money with Tux TAP!

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