Your business will boom with Tux TAP® !

What you need is a new playmaker: TuxTAP! Over 20 years of experience in the field of beverage dispensing equipment and POS systems now trade under a new brand!

TuxTAP Integra — The stable base for your business

Integra 150D

The TuxTAP® Integra combines POS system, dispensing equipment and comfort functions in one solid, shapely device >> more

Extensible peripherials


Instead of a fixed number of valve outputs and counter inputs like it is common in other electronic dispensing systems, the TuxTAP system is easily extensible and thus, economical in this respect, too. >> more

Linux® is the stable, flexible foundation


Linux (here you can see the mascot, the penguin “Tux”) enables us and you to maintain full control over the point of sale (POS) and the dispensing system >> more

Finally accurate and easy remote maintenance

The TuxTAP system can be maintained on the easiest conceivable way: via internet! >> more

Our TuxTAP® system combines the control of your POS and dispensing system and can be upgraded flexibly at the same time so that it is scaling from small taverns to discotheques. Finally every gastronomic business gets the chance to control their product flow effectively and precisely without complicated modifications on the installed equipment. Users of bigger systems will be enthusiastic about the vast possibilities of adapting the TuxTAP system to their business and about the book keeping function, as well as convertibility and expandability at a later period of time.

What makes TuxTAP so unique?

The answer is in the hardware!

TuxTAP combines flexible application with solid and shapely equipment. You can see that we haven’t saved on the wrong ends. Form and function go hand in hand and both are carefully worked out by TuxTAP.

Where other manufacturers rely on inflexible ROM cash systems and dispensing systems based on microcontrollers, TuxTAP consequently applies high-quality embedded computer hardware which is also used in the industry sector. This ensures high performance and quality at an interesting price. Every unit is designed by TuxTAP and their housing is particularly constructed to meet the tough requirements of food service operators, additionally it can be cleaned easily and provides easy access for maintenance.

High expandability of the TuxTAP system is ensured by the attachment of valves, flow meters, temperature and pressure sensors over our cost-efficient peripheral modules. They can be placed in a decentral position close to the components to be monitored (e.g. taps, cold storage rooms, switch-overs for barrels). Thus there is no tangle of cables because all peripheral modules can be connected over a single, 6-stranded bus cable and furthermore there are no unnecessary restrictions regarding the number of peripheral modules you can attach to the TT Integra main unit. Thus you can carefully adapt our dispensing technology to your business and expand it later on according to your wishes.

The software, too!

Not only is the hardware of the TuxTAP system well elaborated: instead of using Windows like most common POS systems, TuxTAP relies on the Linux operating system for the Integra equipment. For this reason we created a Linux distribution ourselves which is customized to serve the necessary functions. That is how we (and thus you) keep full control over the system, from the graphic user interface down to the control of the valves. The flexibility of Linux enables us to respond to all of your ideas and wishes to an extent that is not realisable in common POS- and dispensing systems due to technical or financial reasons.

Furthermore you will not experience any inexplicable system crashs deriving from a lack of control in the common Windows software in POS systems. Without Windows you don’t have to be afraid of viruses or Trojans and spyware brought into your system via the internet or usb sticks. Thus you can reconfigure your system and access your sales data without having to worry that someone is spying.

Creative Ideas!

Another advantage besides the easy installation and the flexible expandability: the TuxTAP system gives you the possibility of remote maintenance which really deserves its name. Additional telephone extensions, modems or complicated appliances are not necessary in your business or home office. You can access your cash system via internet, change prices or have a look at sales data — even when you are on vacation. All you need is a web browser. And as a matter of course the entire communication is encrypted and protected by a password. TuxTAP is absolutely safe. Additionally your TuxTAP service partner can help you from afar. Without accessing your turnovers of course!

Last but not least: Service!

You are in good hands with TuxTAP. The TuxTAP system is exclusively distributed by certified retailers who are trained and kept up to date on a regular basis. You get a system that combines POS systems dispensing equipment as well as further automation for restaurants. Thus there are no coordination problems and no blame allocations between suppliers if something goes wrong. And if one of our trained helpers should be at a loss in your case, we surely can help you on the short communication line. A service that other manufacturers cannot offer.

TuxTAP has proved through decade-long experience that it responds to the requirements of gastronomic services and is absolutely willing and qualified to enhance our products for our clients.

TuxTAP: We are your best partner for computer cash registers and electronic dispensing systems. Or we will become soon — come and join us on the winner side.

TuxTAP® is a registered trade mark of TuxTAP Ltd. Linux® is a registered trade mark of Linus Torvalds.