Concerted advertisement for your business

Gastronomer and guest or gastronomic retailer: Our Tux TAP online service, which we can offer you under the brand “TuxTAP connect”, brings you and your customers closer together.

TuxTAP calling

Advertise for your business via SMS, Fax or email. Tux TAP makes it easy: Create a pattern with our online tools, for example with current offers or vouchers, and upload your required customer list to us and we will make an individualised short message, fax or email out of it.

You only need a web browser or your TuxTAP Integra to use this service. Thus we can offer you this service no matter if you already own a TuxTAP Integra POS system or not.

TuxTAP patron

You can advertise for your gastronomic wholesale in the POS system of your customers. Place current offers for the respective gastronomer and receive the orders via email or fax. For this reason you create only one time a pattern for the look of your web shop, afterwards you can send us your current offers from your spreadsheet. Similar to the pictures for the presentation of the goods. We automatically create an attractive web shop out of it, and then the customer can have a look at your offer and enter the desired amount of goods with easy clicks. Another click and the order is on its way to you.

Your customer only needs a web browser or the TuxTAP Integra POS. Thus we can offer you this service independent from your customer having a TuxTAP Integra or not.

If you want to connect your TuxTAP web shop with an already existing inventory management system your in-house programmer can install it. We can provide the necessary patterns for the exchange of data free of charge. Or just ask us for a complete offer with inventory management system and shop.

TuxTAP® is a registered trade mark of TuxTAP Ltd.