Place your order directly at the table with the TuxTAP mobiles

Farewell to paper chaos and running about! With the Tux TAP mobile units, which we can offer you from spring 2009, you and your waiters can place orders easily at the table. The order is transmitted wirelessly to the kitchen and the counter as if it was entered directly at the POS. And of course all open tables can be viewed on the mobile units like per POS. Thus the waiter gets an overview that would not be possible with order coupons.

And what does it look like?


Unfortunately, we cannot show you a model now. As the Tux TAP mobile unit differs to the Merlin Artus in some details there is no picture shown at first. We want to apologize for this. But you can take a look at the “Merlin Artus” on the web side of the company merlin electronic GmbH to get a rough idea.

Established technology in TuxTAP clothing

As the development and authorization of a wireless handheld device represents a major cost factor, we were initially thinking about connecting all external devices that are common in gastronomy instead of designing these devices ourselves.

The answer was a clear: No! A great variety is common which we would all have to support with all their different properties (display size, number of keys, connection) Furthermore remote maintenance would only have been possible with certain devices and that would have been a major disadvantage for our customers. Additionally the devices afield have already reached the end of their service life because their housings or keys are too worn out or the accumulator is broken. It is neither for you as gastronomer nor for us expedient to maintain these devices in expensive use instead of purchasing a new, cost-effective device.

Therefore, we have decided for a pragmatic solution and searched for a strategic co-operation with one of the manufacturers of mobile devices. TuxTAP is now working closely with the company merlin electronic GmbH to create a TuxTAP mobile unit based on the “Merlin Artus”, which is one of the best devices on the market. The wireless transmission is carried out with the safe DECT system, which is also used in cordless phones. This system is less susceptible to radio interferences caused by kitchenware than Bluetooth or WLAN, which is installed in other devices. In addition to the coloured display with pixel accurate touch screen, the future Tux TAP mobile unit will incorporate a numeric keypad and a control cross as in the Merlin Artus, over which an one-handed operation is possible. The LiIon battery will have an operating time of 6-8 hours, according to employment, and charging only takes up to 90 minutes. The Tux TAP mobile unit weighs approx. 300 grams and sizes approx. 190×100×30mm. Thus, it lies very well and safely in your hand.

TuxTAP® is a registered trade mark of TuxTAP Ltd.