Remote maintenance that really deserve its name

The Tux TAP system enables you to configure and control your POS and dispensing equipment with a web browser. This feature is unique in the field of dispensing equipment. In addition, it is only rarely available in the sector of POS systems. You only need two internet connections: One in your shop and the other from where you want to monitor and control your business

Full control even if you are on holiday

You finally enjoy your holidays apart form the stress in your own business? However, as you know: When the cat is away, the mice will play! We are sure you know the uneasiness that is growing with every mile that comes between you and your business. „Is everything alright? How is the business running, is the turnover correct?” Well, you could call all the time but this is no way enough control. Then one unexpected call from your shop and your holidays are over.

Do not let things get out of hand. You receive the possibility to look after your business at any time and unexpected with the Tux TAP system: You can check the sales for example. The Tux TAP system shows every sale immediately when a bill is encashed and not on the next day. You can even look with a camera into your restaurant. Is everything still at its place? You can also check the screen content of all Tux TAP Integra main units from the distance.

Remote monitoring is not the only thing you can do: You also have the opportunity to actively interfere, e.g. change prices or passwords. You can completely remote control your Tux TAP Integra POS and dispensing system. Perfect service!

Full maintenance supplied through the internet

You want to make modifications on your POS or dispensing system but do not know exactly how it works anymore? With other competitive products, you would have to make long, enervating telephone calls with service technicians, with the result that this technician has to come by personally. Of course, this visit is connected with costs and you would have to wait at least one week for an appointment.

We have experienced this scenario with other POS and dispensing systems ourselves and hate it just like you. We have always been frustrated when we could not help one of our customers. Even if the solution is obvious, it is sometimes difficult to communicate it via telephone. Briefly: The telephone is inappropriate for the service.

This is the reason why we uplifted remote maintenance to a must-have feature. The service technician logs into the Tux TAP Integra via internet just like you and is able to help you directly with your problems. Of course with restricted rights and only when you released the system with only one key press.

TuxTAP® is a registered trade mark of TuxTAP Ltd.