The new TuxTAP® Integra 150 is the best basis for your business

Integra 150B
Top view, on the display the POS user interface
Integra 150 aufgeklappt
To access the interface sockets, the display can be flipped with one hand.
Integra 150: Rückseite
An effective cooling element removes heat without any sound.

Just take a look at the TuxTAP Integra 150. Your future command centre will be located in a housing made of stainless steel and anodized aluminium.

Good usability starts off with the housing:

High quality materials and excellent finish are only the beginning. True comfort shows in details: The colour display with integrated touchscreen is mounted borderless into a 10 mm thick aluminium plate. This allows easy cleaning with a moist cloth. For maintenance the display can be flipped backwards on two steel shafts. Cables find their way forward below a stainless steel base plate resting on solid hard plastic feets. All connections for the unit are located there. This area is secured by a cylinder lock.

All the waiter needs for operation is the touchscreen, the power button on the side and the Addimat waiter lock. The design of the unit prevents unplugged cables and faulty use by the employees. The keys of that lock type are each unique worldwide and forgery safe.

Fast and quiet cashing — and even more.

The times when your cash register was a loud and chunky number cruncher are over.

In our TuxTAP Integra 150 system a 1,5 GHz Intel Pentium Mobile Processor provides high processing power without consuming much energy. 512MB of RAM allow much space for useful software beyond mere POS functions. Processor, graphics card and power supply are silently held at ambient temperature over an effective cooling element at the back of the unit. Only at high ambient temperature an effective, slow and quiet ventilator is switched on. Thus noise and dust are eliminated. Further, with the TuxTAP Integra 150 you will “unfortunately” have to do without the buzzing and clicking of a hard disk drive. All configuration and accounting data are stored on an included, high quality USB Flash Memory Stick. Operating system and programs are located on a compact flash memory card.

All of a piece — the software

The TuxTAP system is no ordinary POS computer system — it is a control system based on efficient components from the embedded computer technology but with an unique software. For example the operating system: the Linux distribution, we created ourselves, gives us and you full control over the activities in the unit. Thus it is no problem for us to provide an user interface adapted to the special requirements in restaurants or to attach units from other manufacturers. Several TuxTAP Integra units operate together smoothly. This feature is a matter of course for or products, no a facultative one. The configuration of your entire TuxTAP system is performed centrally on the main unit from your business rooms or via the internet in your home office. This also applies to the evaluation of your sales data. You may print it on a POS printer or (in a nicer design) on a page printer in your office. The reports are generated as PDF documents, which can be read and printed by e.g. Acrobat Reader and other cross-plattform applications.

The TuxTAP system — expandable at any time

Expand the functionality with affordable PC-compatible components! Add all the POS printers you want to, by RS232, USB, and Ethernet. You may also connect any number of webcams to the Integra unit. This allows you to take a look e.g. into the garden of your restaurant. Coffee maker of other manufacturers can be easyly connected to the TuxTAP system. POS keyboards are supported, too. These can be configured same as easy as the touchscreen buttons. The TuxTAP router adds remote access and remote support to your TuxTAP system: check the sales volume of your business while you are on vacation — an internet cafe just does the trick.

From fall 2008, an electronic dispenser control is built into the TuxTAP Integra units!

From fall 2008, your TuxTAP® Integra 150 can check and control beverage dispensers. Just add our peripherial modules to the base unit.

Have we caught your attention?

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TuxTAP® is a registered trade mark of TuxTAP Ltd. Intel Pentium ® is a registered trade mark of Intel Corporation. Linux® is a registered trade mark of Linus Torvalds.